What are the chances that Shreveport-Bossier City, LA will get snow this winter? Will it stay dry or will we experience another 'Snowpocalypse?'

What's the most snow we've ever had in Shreveport, LA?

According to NOAA.com, back in 1948, Shreveport got a whopping 14 inches of snow! 'Snowmageddon' didn't even come close in 2021. However, it is the second most snow we've ever received locally, coming in at 9.5".

Will Shreveport-Bossier City, LA get snow this year?

What's better than a redneck in the snow? Not much because we have no idea how to deal with it! After all, we're still talking about 'Snowpocalypse' from a few years ago when so many of us ended up on the side of the road or with a collapsed roof or carport. According to the Farmer's Alamac extended forecast, south-central states like Louisiana will experience, 'Lots of cold temperatures and some storms will keep folks in the South Central States busy during the middle of January.' In short, they say we're in for an 'unseasonable cold and stormy winter.'

What does El Nino have to do with the winter weather in Louisiana?

During an El Nino winter, the south tends to experience more precipitation. Whether or not Louisiana has a wet winter will depend on how strong this El Nino grows and how long it lasts. As of now, forecasts predict it will be 'moderate to strong.'

Great! Do they even sell snow tires or chains in the south?

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