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Explore the bygone era of Shreveport-Bossier City, LA malls and share your fondest memories. Join us in reminiscing about the iconic stores that shaped our lives.

I've been waxing nostalgic a lot lately for the good old days. So much has changed for kids of the '80s, including how we shop! My mom and I were talking the other day about the Saturdays we'd spend as a family at Pierre Bossier Mall and the stores we missed shopping at... I'm going to date myself here, but back in the '80s, that was one of our favorite things to do on a weekend afternoon, browsing and hanging out!

Because we lived in Haughton, we generally shopped at Pierre Bossier Mall and one of my favorite stores was KB Toys... Even though as an adult, I look back and feel bad for those poor cashiers who had to listen to the toys that we kids wound up and played with incessantly. I'm sure they heard those toys in their sleep! However, the wall of all things Barbie about halfway down on the left-hand side of the store was always my first stop. I also loved browsing Walden Books. I've always been an avid reader! Does anyone else remember the Sweet Valley High books?

Other stores I remember fondly are Piercing Pagoda, The Limited (I loved Outback Red) and Gadzooks! Who else remembers Jams Shorts and the VW Bug in the middle of the store? What about the old Service Merchandise? My brother worked at Beall-Ladymon and I loved the fact he'd pass on his store discount! That's where I'd get my Keds, Guess jeans, and Swatch watches! Man, I'd love to find my old Swatch.

As I got older, we'd cruise the PBM parking lot and meet up in the food court and go on dates at the movie theater which later turned into the now defunct David's Bridal.

When we would go to Mall St. Vincent, I always loved to go to Orange Julius! Of course, we finally have one in town again. It's a part of the Dairy Queen on Hwy 80 near Louisiana Downs.

What stores do you miss the most? Send us an app 'chat' or shoot me an email at and we'll wax nostalgic together!

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