If You Have Lived in Shreveport for Some Time You Know All About Papa Clay.

Many of us in Shreveport considered Harvey Clay a great friend. Mr.Clay wasn't just a BBQ legend, he loved his community loud and proud. Do you remember when Papa Clay stepped up to help out hundreds of Government furloughed workers during the longest government shut down in American history? I will forever remember what Harvey Clay told me when I thanked him for feeding the community:

 "If you can't help people when they need help then when are you going to be able to help them?"- Harvey Clay


Mr.Clay had the reputation of a Ribmaster, an artist who knows the secret to creating the best BBQ in the Ark-La-Tex. Harvey Clay was celebrated just as loud as he celebrated Shreveport. Texas Monthly knows good BBQ, and they can also sniff out a good story and we are so grateful they took time to write about a Shreveport hero.

In May of 2019 Several Shreveport Residents Tried to Be a Match for Papa Clay.

We knew that time was of the essence and we desperately needed to find a kidney. Unfortunatley Papa Clay's long health battle has come to an end. Erica Clay took to her Facebook page to make the public announcement. She said:

"As many of you already know my dad has passed away. My Dad touched many lives across country and even around the world. He will truly be missed. I thank you to all who have reached out sending love, support and prayers."

Services for Harvey Clay are on April 20th at New Bethel Baptist Church. The viewing is at 10:00 a.m and the Service is at 11:00 a.m.
The address is 3300 Greenwood Road.


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