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When was the last time you went roller skating in Shreveport-Bossier City as an adult? This weekend you'll get your chance to couple skate again in Bossier!

Where is the adult skate being held this weekend in Shreveport-Bossier City, LA?

Not only is this event for adults only, but it's also Mardi Gras-themed! This Sunday, February 4, 2024, Hot Wheels Skating Palace in Bossier City is holding an event exclusively for the big kids!

Not only can you dress up in your Mardi Gras best and enjoy all of the decorations without worrying about falling on an innocent 3-year-old, but you'll also get to skate to the sounds of Backseat Heroes, a 2000s cover band out of Shreveport that plays pop and punk. Admission is just $10 and not only will there be food trucks on-site, but they'll also have their snack bar open. Doors open at 7 pm for the festivities.

I get all nostalgic when I think about going skating. If you're of a certain age and grew up around here, then chances are, you spent at least one night each weekend at the skating rink. Of course, others have better memories of it than I do... I could never manage to skate backwards so I wasn't asked to couple skate very much. At least that's what I tell myself. Maybe my luck will change this weekend!

I went to an adult skate night at Hot Wheels back in 2020 and ran across these pictures. The theme for the evening was 'nerds.' I honestly think I had even more fun going to the skating rink as an adult than I did as a kid. Enjoy!

Hot Wheels Bossier Adult Skate Night September 2020

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