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First of all, there are probably spoilers here for some people who aren't totally up to date on The Mandalorian. So I wanted to make that clear before we joked around...and yeah, this is all just for fun, don't take any of this super serious.

Now, onto the jokes.

The Mandalorian is maybe the best Star Wars work we've seen since the original trilogy (might even be better in context), with the possible exception of Rogue One. I'm sure there are some Star Wars fans who are properly fired up after that comment. So let's break down what we're doing. We are going to match up characters from the show with cities in Louisiana.

We will give justifications, but remember again, this is all just jokes.

New Orleans - The Child

OK, why does Nola get The Child/Baby Yoda? People enjoy New Orleans, they think the city is fun, a little hairy, and the fact that The Child puked on himself in Season 2 seals the deal to match New Orleans with The Child.

Lafayette - The Mandalorian

Premiere And Q & A For "The Mandalorian"
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Probably going to upset every other city that they didn't get Mando. But here's why we gave it to Lafayette...the Mandalorian's new armor is all shiny, which makes us think of Lafayette. His character is super cool, which again, matches. But we don't usually see his true face, and we sorta get that vibe from Lafayette too.

Shreveport - Cobb Vanth

OK...first, spoilers. Second, Cobb Vanth runs around pretending to be something he's not. He wears Boba Fett's old armor, and essentially pretends to be a Mandalorian. Its the feeling a lot of people have with Shreveport, where the city appears to be trying to be Dallas, or Baton Rouge, without really pulling it off. The good new is, that when Cobb Vanth gets called out, he owns it, and still works to be the best Marshal he can. We just need Shreveport to shed the armor and embrace being themselves.

Baton Rouge - Moff Gideon

Sure, Moff Gideon looks cool, but ultimately he's the big bad who is trying to take things away from others and dictates rules. He rules with an iron fist, but again, looks pretty cool because he has the Dark Saber.

Bossier City -Cara Dune

Looks awesome, has cool gear, but will beat the hell out of you at a moments notice. Seems like Bossier to us.

Natchitoches - Bo Katan

Bo Katan is old school, like Natchitoches. But she's got some amazing fireworks, and there's a parallel between the animated Star Wars offerings, and the live action Mandalorian, where actress Katee Sackhoff was able to voice the cartoon, and play the live action. So it's the same person in both, kind of like Natchitoches in Steel Magnolias. The city is really featured in the movie, and you get to visit it in real life.

Lake Charles - Greef Karga

You might not like the way he does it, but he always gets it done. Another way to describe that, gritty. Greef Karga is a gritty character in The Mandalorian, and Lake Charles is a gritty Louisiana city.

Monroe - Mayfield

The character, much like the actor who plays him (Bill Burr), is mouthy. Monroe is pretty mouthy too. Also looking at you West Monroe.

Alexandria - IG-11

Old school reference with a new school vibe. Can do some really cool stuff, but often falls short early in the show. Eventually has to be reprogrammed, and then still sacrifices himself in an unnecessary way.

Ruston - Kuill

Wise beyond his years, sort of like a college town would be. But even with that, Kuill is also a forgotten character in the first season of The Mandalorian. Sort of like what happens to Ruston. Until you're reminded of their knowledge, you sort of forget they're there.

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