I Will Never Forget the Year That I Witnessed the Worst Christmas Gift Ever.

It was just supposed to be a fun family dinner and gift exchange. I remember we all watched and were mortified when a husband not only gifted his wife the gift she clearly didn't want but proceeded to dig himself into a bigger hole.

A Husband Thought to Gift His Wife Something to Motivate Her to Cook More.

The husband thought his wife would love to use an InstantPot since he had seen so many women rave about them on Facebook. His wife hates cooking and does not spend much time in the kitchen. This man thought he could make her fall in love with cooking by buying her one of the latest kitchen gadgets. So we have that established right? She hates cooking, he wished she'd love cooking.


We all eagerly watched her open the box thinking the InstaPot box was a joke to throw her off. Well, much to everyone's dismay, she was gifted an InstantPot. Her husband proceeded to say things like "Maybe you'll like cooking now." and "You said they were cool, I thought that meant you wanted one."

Shreveport-Bossier Has Sounded Off on What They Would Hate to See Under the Christmas Tree.

Let's not make these mistakes this year. Let's plan accordingly and actually gift someone something they will use.

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