SHREVEPORT, LA - I am still recovering from my weekend adventure. But I had a blast. A few months ago, I agreed to get in a dunk tank to help out with the HEROES Career Fair. This was a recruiting event for the Shreveport Police and Fire Departments, the Shreveport City Marshal and the Caddo Sheriff's Office. Whatever I can do to help them, I am always available. But I must say it's be 20 years or so since I've been in a dunk tank.

Dunk Tank

I don't remember needing a heating pad and ice packs after my previous escapades in a dunk tank. But I was a lot younger then. I'll recover. Glad to know I could help in a tiny, little way. I have to thank the organizers for inviting me. It was loads of fun. I think I got dunked into the water more than a dozen times. Some of the contestants paid the extra $20 bucks (Chief Clarence Reese Jr.) just to walk up to the button and hit it.

attachment-Erin in Tank

But others did it the old fashioned way and tossed balls at the target. A couple of these contestants were ringers. This included Wade Lovelace from Love Shreveport Bossier. He pulled out his old quarterback skills and hit the target with just one throw.

So sorry about that picture. There's just no way to be ladylike in a dunk tank.

Wade is a beast. There was also a guy there I'm calling Paul Skenes. He fired one ball in right at the beginning of the morning and put me in the water before I even started trash talking.

Chief Wayne Smith was also a pretty good ball player back in the day. He only needed two shots to send me flying into the water.

Click here to Chief Wayne Smith sink me in the tank. We had a great day and I hope I can continue to help do whatever is needed to recruit more heroes to our community.

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