Over the weekend, the McNeese Cowboys baseball team hosted New Mexico State in a four-game series in Lake Charles. The teams face off Friday evening and then Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

It seems that on Friday, there was a point in the game that became a little dicey as one of the players for coaches in the dugout almost got his head taken off by a foul ball. We have all watched baseball either in person or on television and seen these close calls before.

When we saw this video it reminded us of the romantic comedy movie Fever Pitch starring Jimmy Fallon and Drew Barrymore. There was this one scene where they were at a baseball game and they weren't watching when a batter hit a foul ball and knocked out Barrymore's character. Remember that?

Well, that almost happened to a player or coach for the McNeese baseball team over the weekend. Someone got the foul ball on video. In the video you are about to watch, you will see the batter swing at the pitch and foul it off.

The ball goes racing off the bat and directly toward the McNeese Duggout at a high rate of speed. It was so fast that the people in the dugout had milliseconds to react before getting smoked by the ball. In this case, if the person didn't react the way he did, he certainly was going to be hit directly in the face which would have been horrible.

Check out this hit and reaction.

Wow, that was close, right? McNeese won all three games over the weekend by the way.

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