A study from a few years ago revealed that we spend a minimum of 20% of our work day just goofing off.  Using the average 8 hour work day, that's nearly 2 hours of time that "the man" paid us for and got absolutely nothing in return.

But in all honesty, he was probably goofing off too and didn't notice.

And since we're all goofing off while reading this, I found several good ways to kill the time on those days when you want to do anything but be productive.

  • Facebook, Twitter or any social media.  Greatest time waster EVER
  • Arrange all of your next vacation plans
  • Clean your fingernails
  • Go to the restroom and count the freckles on your face
  • Plan your retirement
  • Make labels for all the office drawers
  • Write a speech like you were accepting an Oscar
  • Check out all the rules and regulations to own a monkey
  • Walk around the office asking everyone if they borrowed your scissors
  • Take online IQ Tests
  • Make a list of all the people who got drunk at last year's office Christmas party
  • Toss a coin in the air as high as you can without hitting the ceiling
  • Make a list of all the people you'd tell off if you won the lottery

Hey, I'm a disc jockey and we're the kings of goofing off so I could go on forever, but I'll stop here so you can actually get something done today.

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