I'd love to have this new faster i-Phone with better software, and the cool camera everyone's talking about but how long will I have to wait to get one?

Apple's New iPhone 4s Goes on Sale

According to USA Today, hundreds of people wanting to buy the new iPhone camped out for hours for bragging rights to be the first to get one.

They quote the number as about 200 people waiting at Apple's Fifth Avenue store in Manhattan.

It's called the iPhone 4S and it hit the market yesterday morning. Kind of cool that Steve Wozniak, who created Apple with Steve Jobs in a Silicon Valley garage in 1976, was first in line at a store in California. Hey, good luck getting one any time soon. I'm hearing that pre-orders for the phone from carriers AT& T, Sprint and Verizon are sold out, and online orders from the carriers and Apple are backed up.
They're saying delivery could come by the end of the month at the latest. You could get one now, but you'd have to stand in line in many stores. More people want to trade in their BlackBerry on the new iPhone, especially after the outage that affected most BlackBerry users this week. No one wants to pay for a cell phone they can't use.
Here's a YouTube video of someone opening the new iPhone.

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