Shreveport's largest Beer Festival is fast approaching and we couldn't be more excited! Brew is coming up Saturday October 14th in Downtown Shreveport at Festival Plaza. Now obviously you're going to need to be 21+ to attend as this is a Beer Festival. If you've never been before it's very simple you get a cup when you enter the gates and that cup gets you unlimited refills for any of the beers all over the plaza.

But there's so much more than just Beer! All over Festival Plaza you'll find food tents, live music, games and big screens showing you all your College Football games!

According to Brews Facebook Page there's many different options for tickets..

BREW Bash - Friday, Oct. 13 • 6-9 pm - $15
BREW Festival Ticket - Oct. 14 • 2-6 pm - $70
BREW Table for 10 (Includes 5 parking passes and early admission) - Oct. 14 • 2-6 pm - $1,200
BREW Bash and Festival Combo - $80

Brew is a 4 hour event but make sure you have your DD or Cab lined up ready to pick you up because well... You'll need it!

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