It Seems Like the Last Two Months the Tabloids Keep Covering Breakup After Breakup.

I can think of several big breakups that happened within the past 30 days. Sofía Vergara and Joe Manganiello’ split, and Ariana Grande and her husband of two years, Dalton Gomez, quietly separated and it just came out they were planning to divorce. Country music singer Carly Pearce and Riley King broke up after two years of dating and although it was considered to be a  very low-key breakup everyone heard about it. Kevin Costner’s wife, Christine Baumgartner, filed for divorce in early May and the news broke in July.

We Have Always Heard That Most Breakups Happen in January, Something Seems to Be Different This Year.

For the most part, January is called "Divorce Month" because according to family lawyers that is the month that most couples feel it's the "right time" to call it quits. The holidays have passed and it's the beginning of a new year.


Have You Noticed People in Your Circle Calling It Quits?

It isn't just famous people going through very public breakups or expensive divorces. Shreveport-Bossier seems to be going through its own version of breakups. Were we nit able to keep it together until January? I have seen some close friends go through some crazy breakups and it's so heartbreaking. However I couldn't help but notice a trend, is this a new trend? Is it now a thing to call it quits during the summer?


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