As NBA Free Agency is in it's first hours, what is going on between New Orleans and LeBron James?

Short answer, nothing.

We don't really expect anything to happen between the two either. Even though some overzealous fans put up billboards to try and get LeBron's attention, it's one of the longest shots out there for LeBron to end up in the Big Easy.

According to, LeBron's people have already talked to multiple teams in the first few hours:

"Where LeBron James lands in free agency remains up in the air. However, the Cleveland Cavaliers have apparently made it known early on they want their superstar forward to stay with them going forward.

According to The Associated Press' Tom Withers and ESPN's Dave McMenamin, the Cavaliers spoke with James when NBA free agency opened at 12:01 ET Sunday. According to the reports, Cavs general manager Koby Altman spoke on the phone to both James and his agent Rich Paul.

Multiple reports surfaced on Sunday as well that the Philadelphia 76ers are meeting with LeBron James' representatives today in Los Angeles. James, however, will not be in this meeting."

But of those teams mentioned, New Orleans is nowhere to be found.

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