Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor made hundreds of millions of dollars following their last fight which took place in the Boxing Ring. Now it's looking like we might see a rematch in an MMA Octagon! 

Now of course neither side has said  anything to confirm the rematch but both Floyd and Conor have posted videos leading us to believe it's going to happen. Floyd might be undefeated in the boxing ring but MMA is completely different in almost every way. Needless to say if the fight happens Conor will be the clear favorite.

Many people of course question why would Floyd ever agree to a fight like this... The answer is money! A rematch like this would easily be the most anticipated MMA match of all time and would bring millions more to both fighters bank accounts regardless of the outcome. Floyd has been working out in a Las Vegas MMA gym but time will tell if it's for exercise or preparing for a fight!

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