This morning we mentioned how ridiculous we think it is that the owners of "The Duke of Hazzard" franchise are rumored to be removing all images of the Confederate flag from their merchandise. This completely changes the General Lee that we grew up with. And why? Why are they considering this change? To be politically correct? Are we becoming too politically correct?

Goodbye Rebel flag, we'd hate for someone to get offended. GIVE ME A BREAK!! They're just good ole boys. . . never meanin' no harm. . . but the flag may soon be gone.

Here are a few examples (in our redneck opinions) of how we as a a country are getting too politically correct:

  • ULM changes the mascot from Indian to Warhawk
  • Kids no longer sit "Indian style" they sit cross-legged
  • There are no waitresses or stewardesses, instead we have wait staff and flight attendants

What are some other examples of how our country is becoming too politically correct?