We are all daydreaming. Discussing what we would do if we won the lottery. The Mega Millions has reached 1 Billion dollars, there is no doubt we'd quit our jobs and just "live our life" but what happens if you actually win the record-breaking Mega Millions Jackpot? The self-proclaimed "Lottery Lawyer" Jason Kurland says you need to keep quiet and call your lawyer first. Seriously, before you go and call your mom, dad, or spouse you need to call a lawyer! Kurland has represented over 30 lottery winners all over the U.S. and he has even represented a lotto winner who claimed a $336 Million Jackpot!

Here are some things that the "Lottery Lawyer" is warning people about:

Sign the Lotto Ticket ASAP! - If you lose the ticket, someone can pick it up off the ground and claim it as their own.

Beware of the Office Pool- If you and your co-workers are chipping in to buy lotto tickets get it all in writing!

Keep Quiet- Don't run around telling everyone you won. The more people around you know, the more problems you can anticipate!

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