Iced over roads and bridges in our area could remain closed for quite some time.

Unfortunately, even though we're almost out of the woods in terms of the winter weather storm we've been dealing with, it looks like the mess it made will stick around for a little while longer.

This week has been brutal on the Ark-La-Tex. Most, if not all streets in our area are completely impassable, three days into our winter storm. I've lived here for thirty years, and I've never seen weather like this in Shreveport. I've seen weather that closes roadways and makes it difficult to get around, but I've never seen anything that shuts our entire city down seemingly overnight.

Yet, here we are, and when it comes to roadways opening back up again, it's not looking good. Of course, as the weekend comes in and warmer weather makes its return to Shreveport, most of our roads will begin to thaw out. However, there will be some that simply take longer than others.

Department of Transportation Spokesperson Rodney Mallet says, "The roads that are closed, the ones that we have closed due to ice on bridges or ice on the roadways, there is a good chance that they could remain closed, but we are trying to keep some of our priority routes open.” 

Speaking specifically to the roadways in our part of the state, Mallet says, "It is more of a snowy precipitation and less ice on the roadways, it is still unsafe to drive. The term we use is that all of the roads are impassable.” 



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