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In case you haven't heard, the latest round of storms to move through Shreveport-Bossier City, LA damaged the stage in Bossier City's East Bank District's Hurricane Alley to where it wasn't usable, canceling live entertainment at the venue for the foreseeable future while repairs are being made.

However, we've got good news! The fine folks of the East Bank District took to Facebook to give us an update and thanks to our community coming together and a lot of hard work (and money), they hope to have the stage at Hurricane Alley back open for business, meaning live music, by this weekend!

Here's the tentative schedule for Hurricane Alley LIVE:

Thursday, April 13: Tailgate Poets All Ages, Free, 7 - 10 pm
Friday, April 14: Leif Shively Band with Zebb Rogers Band All Ages, Free, 7 - 11 pm
Saturday, April 15: Wes Jeans, All Ages, Free, 7 - 11 pm

For fans of the East Bank District like myself, this is a huge relief. I'm sure having the stage down for even one weekend took a financial toll on the businesses in the area. That's why it's so important that we support them during their time of need. So, if you have plans to go out to eat this week or meet up with friends, why not head to the East Bank District?

Original Post Published April 7, 2023, 8:12 am:

The recent severe weather has damaged the outdoor stage at Hurricane Alley in the East Bank District of Bossier City, LA. Thanks to the weather, the roof of the stage has collapsed and all of the shows scheduled for this weekend have been canceled.

A post on the Hurricane Alley LIVE Facebook page said, 'I don’t know that we have ever had to make a post this tough. Last night’s storm caused major damage to our stage. This stage is our baby and we are all in shock. We are only able to tell you that music is canceled for this weekend. We are working hard already to get back up and running as fast as possible. We would sure appreciate your prayers and ask that you continue to support Frozen Pirogue, Bayou Axe Co., Sugar Sheaux, BeauxJax Crafthouse, and Chef's Table by BeauxJax. Your support goes a long ways in getting us back to operational for more FREE shows.'

If you know the team behind Hurricane Alley, then you know the blood, sweat, and tears that went into building this venue. I hope that our community will continue to support these fantastic LOCAL establishments until they can make the necessary repairs. Just in case you were wondering, here's who was on tap to play this weekend.

Friday, April 7 -
Stone Temple Posers & Basket Case a tribute to Green Day
Saturday, April 8 -

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