Just a few months ago I moved in to the Highland neighborhood. Previously I lived in a few little apartments that never had trick or treaters come through on Halloween. This year, since I am living in a neighborhood, I am expecting that will change.

Since I lived in the country as a kid I didn't really know how to prepare for having trick or treaters. So like I do everything that I am unsure about... I google it. I know the obvious things like keeping the front door light on to notify candy seekers that you are equipped with treats to share, but I don't know the what experienced candy givers know.

According to Erie Sense, there are a few things to prepare for so that you don't make the first timer mistakes.

  1. Get Lit! I feel like this is an obvious one. Like I mentioned previously you keep the front door on. But think beyond that. Find a way to light up the drive way and make sure there isn't any debris littering the walk way.
  2. Keep the pets safe. With people knowing on your door and the constant doorbell ringing, this is going to drive my dog bananas. He already doesn't like people coming up to the door, so I am going to have to find a way to keep him safe and calm.
  3. Say no to candles! I love carving out pumpkins. It is one of my favorite things to do around Halloween. Instead of putting a candle in the pumpkin put one of those electric candles in it instead. That way there isn't a fire hazard.

These seem like things that any seasoned Halloween candy distributor would know, but for a newbie like me these are things I wouldn't know to prepare for.

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