Obviously some of us will have venture into the cold this morning and make our way to work. We might not be able to experience the perfect snow day, but we can still dream about it.

More Snow And Freezing Temperatures Hit The UK
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Lets just say that you didn't have to work today and you could do whatever you want. What would you do? What would you consider your perfect snow day? Would you plan a fun day of sledding or would you hibernate inside until the cold stuff melts away?

Mine would start out waking up right before the sun comes up so that I can watch the sun rise over the snow covered ground while I sip on my super hot coffee. I would then make cinnamon rolls and watch the cartoons. Then when my dog is finally ready to take his morning poo, I will attempt to place socks on his little feet. Then wait and watch his expression as I open the door to a winter wonderland.

Then I follow up with more cartoons and wait till about a hour before noon and make a big pot of potato soup. Maybe I will take up the next few hours catching up on cross stitches I have been putting off, or maybe finally start on that crochet baby shoes I have been telling myself I will be getting around to.

Maybe then I would have a cup of hot chocolate and watch the snow begin to melt away. Then end the day in a scary snow related movies like The Shining or Let the Right One In.

So what would your perfect snow day consist of?

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