The last year has been a tough one for law enforcement nationwide causing forces across the country to look at their spending practices versus their area's crime rate to make sure they're as efficient (and safe) as possible. With Shreveport, LA ending up on the wrong end of so many surveys, we turned to WalletHub for some answers.

WalletHub tackled the question by comparing the top 104 most populated cities and looked at how much those cities spent using public funds on police protection. Then they calculated the ROI or 'Return on Investment' of each town using the area's crime rate and the amount that they spent per capita on law enforcement.

Shreveport ranked 41st overall, while ranking 63rd when it came to our crime rate. While we're not the best, we're certainly not the worst and let's face it. We need to keep our law enforcement officers safe. After all, they work to keep us safe every day.

Just in case you were wondering how we look compared to other cities in Louisiana, Baton Rouge was 14th and New Orleans came in 20th. 

Source: WalletHub

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