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Why Is Louisiana Worst State For Being A Cop?
Being a police officer is one of the most hazardous jobs in the world, right there next to fire-fighter and professional football player.  To pursue a career where you often have to pursue people who have weapons and are trying to kill you takes courage and conviction...
Is Shreveport, LA a Good Place to Get Married?
With the way that Shreveport always seems to end up on the 'bad' list, I thought it would be interested to see how we stack up when it comes up as a place to say your nuptials. WalletHub did the work and I think you'll be surprised by the result!
How Does Shreveport,LA Stack Up When it Comes to Police Spending?
The last year has been a tough one for law enforcement nationwide causing forces across the country to look at their spending practices versus their area's crime rate to make sure they're as efficient as possible. With Shreveport, LA ending up on the wrong end of so many surveys, we turned…