Down Home Meats in Stonewall, Louisiana gave me one of the most unique tours I've ever experienced. I was able to watch the process of how a sausage is made and ready for distribution. Harold Chamberlain had a dream, and and amazing product. A Louisiana sausage like no other. "It's old school sausage done right" For over 33 years the Chamberlain family has kept the same recipe and even added a couple of different flavors of sausage. There is the original Down Home Meats sausage which makes for the BEST breakfast ever, and they have Green Onion, Jalapeno, and Hot sausage.

Dave at Down Home Meats gave me some good tips on grilling and when he said you can cook just about anything, he was right. Between Pinterest and different food bloggers there are endless recipes. So, what do you make that you love with Down Home Sausage? Send me a recipe or an idea here.

Here's a piece of my tour at Down Home Meats!

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