Standardized test scores have been released for Louisiana and as expected the scores have dropped across the state.

In grades 3-8, the statewide numbers show only 29% of students performed at 'Mastery or Above". That number compares to 34% in 2019.

Here are the numbers for percent of students scoring at "Mastery of Above" in northwest Louisiana:

Caddo 2019 27% - 2021 22%
Bossier 2019 40% - 2021 36%
Bienville 2019 29% - 2021 25%
Claiborne 2019 16 - 2021 13
DeSoto 2019 42% - 2021 36%
Natchitoches 2019 29% - 2021 27%
Red River 2019 17% - 2021 15%
Sabine 2019 31% - 2021 27%
Webster 2019 24% - 2021 17%

This decline can be seen at all grade levels in all demographics and subject areas. Click here if you want to dig in to the scores.

At the high school level, there was a 5% drop in the number of students scoring mastery and above since 2019 in Louisiana.

Top 10 High Schools in Louisiana

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