It Is Safe to Say That None of Us Like Alabama.

We all wince when we see a big ole A logo on the back of someone's vehicle right? My neighbor was born and raised in Alabama and whenever someone says "and all of God's people said" he jumps in with "Roll tide" before anyone can say "Amen". This man has singlehandedly made me hate Alabama more than ever.

I Am a Die Hard Longhorn Fan and Orange Is My Favorite Color.

I guess it is safe to associate orange with two things, Texas Longhorns and Whataburger, right? Okay, if you are an Alabama fan you might associate orange with Tennessee too.

Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

It Turns Out Alabama Doesn't Like Orange Period.

"None of that gaudy orange gonna be on our strip."

Alabama Has a New Whataburger That Has No Orange In the Logo.

UA System Board of Trustees approved a Whataburger for the stretch of University Boulevard known as The Strip. Two years after the approval several people have questions as to where the orange went.

Is Alabama That Petty That They Said No Whataburger's Classic Orange Logo?

Kind of. According to the orange was stripped off the logo and made all white strictly for aesthetic purposes, This is all according to the restaurant and the property owners. So basically the white signage outside the restaurant isn't because of a rivalry, it was a requirement from the landlord.

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