Kids are headed back to school all over now and though it's tough to say good bye to those who are headed into kindergarten, it's total anguish if the child you love is now headed off to college.

This means you're not there to check up on them every day.  Not there for those moments when they just "need their Mommy."  And the saddest part is that they really don't "need their Mommy."  No calls.  No texts.  No asking for their favorite dessert after supper.  No nothing.

Well, Ann Pinto McCarney, had enough.  Her son hadn't called or even made any attempt at communication and she filmed this absolutely hysterical video just so he'd know her feelings.

Hey Moms, trust me.  They DO come back.  And sometimes they bring others with enjoy these few months of solitude.  It could be worse.  They might never leave.

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