I've got a ton of pets, but I've never had a pet tortoise... and now, I kind of want one!

Meet Moses, he's an African Spurred Tortoise owned by Jimbo Creppel in Belle Chasse, LA and he's one heck of a FAST tortoise! I never thought I'd see a fast tortoise, especially after hearing the story of the tortoise and the hare my whole life, but Moses clearly shatters that myth!

Check out Moses playing with his owner while he mows his back yard! Moses either has a thing for lawn mowers or he's engaging in a game of chase! Moses' owner says that the overgrown turtle will sometimes catch up to the lawnmower and climb on top, not moving until you physically remove him or until he feels like getting off the mower himself... Let's face it, after racing in all those circles, he probably needs to nap for a while!

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