No plot from any Lassie movie could ever top what just happened in reality!

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In another story of a young boy and his love for his dog, we travel to LaPlace, just west of New Orleans to find out that real heroes do exist. Sometimes they wear police uniforms and other times they might be a little furry. This is the story of both!

Taking to their Facebook page, St John the Baptist Parish Sheriff's Office, tells us of such a story from over this past weekend.

As officers responded to the report of a lost little boy wandering around a LaPlace residence with his dog, those officers attempted to interview the young boy, but a language barrier prevented their attempts to understand where might be his home.

Those officers then placed the young boy into their patrol unit for further investigation, and when they did, the boy's dog took off running.

Officers, paying attention to the developing situation, decided to follow the dog, thinking that it might head straight home.  And their intuition proved to be exactly right. The family's pet led those officers directly to the little boy's residence where they were excited to reunite the little guy with his family.

Of course, there have been many who questioned the care the parents provided for the child due to the situation of his being lost, but evidently officers found no issue worth citing the family for, so the story ultimately has a positive ending!

Thank you officers for being so observant and dedicated to the welfare of this little guy!  All of us owe you a debt of gratitude AND a big milk bone for that awesome dog!

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