My husband and I just got back from Havana, Cuba and we had the experience of a lifetime! We were lucky enough to meet a driver and guide the first day of our trip and were able to spend three glorious days with them. Despite language barriers, we all had a common bond and that was music!

Check out what happened when this summer's biggest smash, Despacito, came on the car radio! It was a dance party and didn't matter where we were from or what our backgrounds were. What Cuban Missile Crisis?!?!

Note that the version of Despacito we were getting down to is the one with fellow Puerto Ricans Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee... No Justin Bieber remixes for these Cubans! I've been jammin' to this song all summer, but it took our new Cuban friends to shed some light on what the song was about... Despacito means 'slowly.' Who knew that the song we've been blasting was so racy!?!?

So, I posit to you, that music is the great equalizer. It brings people together... especially when it's a summer smash like this one. Despacito is breaking Billboard, streaming and cultural barriers! 

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