No, it's not your scale. We're all a little heavier this time of year.

Earlier this year, I saw that Anne Hathaway had announced to the world that she would be gaining weight for an upcoming role. This is why I couldn't be an actress. Ok, there are several reasons why I couldn't be an actress, but I've worked so hard for the body that I'm in and crafted a way to maintain it, that I couldn't see myself throwing it all away.

Unless, of course, there were millions of dollars to be made... Then I guess I could make an exception.

I would choose the holidays to get a head start. Reader's Digest says that we are at our heaviest during November and December. I'm not surprised by this. I know what my eating habits were like all Thanksgiving weekend long and it's hard to just snap right out of it when you know that Christmas is not too far off.

That being said, according to a recent survey, the average American gains six pounds during the holiday season.

That's not a terrible number, but it definitely is a step in the wrong direction for most people. No to mention the older you get, the harder it is to lose that weight in the new year. When it comes to avoiding any weight gain, just one in eight people will be able to cross into 2019 without those extra pounds.

Those numbers make it even harder to put down that turkey leg that you've been using to shovel ice cream into you mouth.

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