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One of the best ways to spend your summer is with a good ol' fashioned road trip. But where are you going to road trip to is a very important part of a quality summer experience. Sure, you can go to a music festival, a baseball game, or a beach. But maybe you'd like to see some of America's true beauty, in the form of a National Park.

In the Shreveport area, there's not a National Park that you can just stop by after work. There will be a shot road trip involved to get to even the closest National Park from Shreveport. The closest is actual Hot Springs National Park in Arkansas, which will take a road trip of about 3 hours.

But what is the next closest National Park? How far would you have to go to get to the third closest? How many of the ten closest National Parks are in Texas? All of those answers are here:

Closest National Parks to Shreveport

The data collection website researched the closest National Parks to Shreveport, and put together some really cool stats about each one. See their results here.

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