One cause that's always been near and dear to my heart is helping Veterans who suffer with PTSD. The effects of war on the brave men and women who serve to keep us safe are severe. A lot of vets deal with depression, drug abuse and tons of other problems when they get home.

And, up until recently, PTSD wasn't something that was ever really addressed or treated. Soldiers used to have to deal with PTSD and all the destructive on their own. But, now, there are lots of options and ways these brave folks can get the treatment they need and deserve.

And to help the cause, WWE Hall of Famer and wrestling icon Jake 'the Snake' Roberts is trying to help out the amazing folks at Camp HOPE. Camp HOPE in Houston provides interim housing for our wounded warriors and veterans.

According to Camp HOPE's website:

Camp Hope offers a 90+ day PTSD recovery program in which residents: attend group lessons and support sessions with other combat veterans; conduct individual mentoring sessions with certified combat trauma mentors; participate in off-site small group interaction activities (fishing, hiking, local activities and events); and get involved with local churches, businesses and volunteer organizations to assist in their personal healing and educating the community on the invisible wounds of war.

A lot of people like to donate to causes around the holidays. So, if you're looking to help some great people doing great work, Camp HOPE is a good place to help. You can visit their website here or donate directly through PayPal using the email address

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