We have all been there, traveling, or in a new town desperately needing to get some work done, trying to meet a deadline, and no internet connections are available. Well there's an app for that. Yup, you can now find free Wi-Fi locations thanks to your Facebook app. Why wasn't this around when I was broke and in college? I remember having to pay $5 for an overpriced latte every time I needed to work on an assignment outside of campus. That was a lot of money down the drain. This feature is perfect for the person who is traveling and doesn't really know the area and internet is scarce.

Just like most new features on the Facebook app its under the "Explore" tab. All you have to do is click "Find Wi-Fi" and locations with free Wi-Fi pop up. How amazing is this new feature? I can't wait to try it out next time I am visiting family in other states, this girl needs her Wi-Fi!

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