A 30 Day Cleanse where all you eat is Tacos? Ok, You've got my attention!

It's called the Taco Cleanse and the book is growing in popularity with Jennifer Aniston being one of the first people to buy it. But it's not your normal tacos with meat this is a vegan diet in taco form with the idea to improve your overall health.

As someone who loves meats of all kinds this would probably be the easiest way for me to go vegan... Because, well, Tacos!

The Taco Cleanse doesn't change much else besides what you eat since you're still allowed to drink alcohol. The book is basically a cookbook with not only over 70 recipes for the tacos but it also teaches you how to make your own tortillas.

The Taco Cleanse Diet is a 30 Day Diet which I honestly think I'd have no issue doing. The hardest part for me would be moving away slowly from the cheese!

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