This morning was a thrill, I mean that in the most sarcastic way possible! I jumped into my car to get to work and couldn't see out my window. The frost was thick and stuck on my windshield, I was not prepared. I tried to find something, at this point anything that could scrape the ice off of my car. I ended up using a random artifact in my car that aided my ice scraping needs. With frozen fingers and all I sit inside my car just to notice a light on my dash telling me my tire pressure is off. I am a strong independent woman who don't need no... oh wait. Since I am ill equipped to handle this weather and much less prepared to handle situations related to my car I called Blake the Tire Guy.

Here are some things he filled me in on while he was driving to fix a flat for a lady while she worked. By the way Blake the Tire Guy has a mobile tire shop. He is the guy I call when I need new tires or brakes. Blake filled me in "A drop in temperature means a drop in tire pressure. Proper tire pressure prevents tire malfunction, and improves fuel mileage, and tire wear." Thankfully fixing the air pressure on a tire is no big deal. However, there are some things we should look into, according to Blake the Tire Guy "All tires will develop wear on the tread over time. Many vehicle owners do not spot the signs of low tread on the tires until it is too late. Low tread can make it difficult to maneuver your vehicle safely over wet, icy or snowy roadways, and this can ultimately lead to an accident. As the seasons change, simply take a closer look at your tires to ensure that ample tread remains on them. If not, it may be wise to replace your tires as soon as possible in order to decrease the risk of an accident." Unfortunately we have all been seeing a lot of accidents lately, make sure your tires are in good shape and keep your eyes on the road! Need some help deciding whether it's time for new tires? You can visit your favorite tire shop, or call Blake the Tire Guy at (318)639-7017 you can find him on Facebook as well under Blake's Brakes and Tire.


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