Stop using the peace sign in your photos, hackers are stealing your fingerprints!!

That's right, we all know better than to post personal information on social media, but now hackers have the capability to steal your fingerprints from photos. Therefore, if you're throwing up the peace sign in photos---STOP!!

Researchers at Japan's National Institute of Informatics say that hackers have the capability of stealing your fingerprints from photos that are close up and clear.

With your fingerprints, hackers may be able to get into your private account(s) and more. Thus, researchers at NII are advising people to beware of this latest form of infringement.

While this may be shocking to some, we should remember that hackers have used the iris of some in photos to hack into accounts too. Perhaps we need to use those filters to our advantage and blur out some important information in photos posted on-line.

What's next?


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