You may think you're posting the best photo ever on Instagram, but according to this study, you could be wrong.

I'm a fan of Instagram. To me, it's the easiest and most eye-appealing way to connect with people, including celebrities. However, much like other social media platforms, there are some posts that can get under your skin.

In fact, there are nine annoying posts.

A recent study, reported in the Daily Mail, has found that nine photos can really get annoying, especially when the person taking the photos is traveling. And it's not just a "ok, that's annoying, but I'll keep scrolling" issue. These photos are so obnoxious that they could warrant the dreaded UNFOLLOW.


In an effort to keep your followers in tact, you may want to keep from posting these photos, especially is you're traveling/on vacation/visiting something new.

9. Landmark Pictures
8. Name/Message in Sand
7. Candid Walking Away from Camera
6. Freeze Jump
5. Pinching the Sun/Building with Your Fingers
4. Candid Looking Away from Camera
3. Kissing Partner
2. Hot Dog Legs
1. Selfies

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