Quite a lot of people showed up for opening day of the Bossier City Farmers' Market.

Saturday being the first day, there weren't as many produce booths set up as some might have expected. Some of the locally-grown foods I found were potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, squash, purple hull peas, peaches, melons of all types, and an assortment of greens. I bought two different kinds of potatoes.

There were handmade goods, too, like boiled and roasted peanuts, jellies and pork cracklins, and one booth even had a large variety of peanut butter. I picked up a mini-bucket of Sweet Almond peanut butter, and it is delicious!

The majority of the booths housed other handmade products -- everything from jewelry to blankets to clothing. One booth featured large painted eggs and wood boxes, another was home to creative woodwork items.

The favorites for the kids were the bounce houses (there were two), the awesome balloon guy (he even made ladybugs and turtles you can wear on your wrist, and he makes balloon dresses, too!), the giant bubble-wand booth, and the princess booth (Elsa and Anna from 'Frozen' were both there signing coloring pages and posing for photos.)

I had my young cousin and my daughter with me, and -- despite the heat -- we all had a great time. They got apple-flavored cotton candy and snow cones, balloon animals and a picture with Elsa and Anna. I got some sweet tea from one of the peanut booths, plus my potatoes and peanut butter.

Next time, I'm hoping for things like corn, green beans, cabbage, lettuce and salsa. The number of produce booths should increase as the weeks go on. The market runs every Saturday through December 19 outside Pierre Bossier Mall.

Take a look at photos from our visit: