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Cross your fingers, because it looks like our collective weather-prayers are about to be answered!

young man making wish fingers crossed

According to the latest forecast from the Weather Channel, the Shreveport - Bossier City area is about to leave those sweltering, triple-digit temperatures behind - at least for a little while.  The weekend is still projected to be in the 100° - 105° range, but all of that looks to be changing for the better on Monday.


Monday's official forecast calls for a daytime high of only 88° and an incredible low of just 71°!  That's nothing short of a blessing when you consider that we have so many days when the absolute lowest temperature in the coolest part of the day was in the 80's.

woman cooling herself with electric fan

If we only got one day of relief, I would certainly take it and appreciate it for what it's is: A reprieve from the oppressive heat - but we're going to get more than that!  The extended forecast for next week doesn't predict a single 100°+ day!  On top of that, there are even some slight chances for pop-up, afternoon thunderstorms that might bring the already cooler temps down even further!

orange sunset and asphalt road to horizon

Enjoy the cooler weather as much as possible, because (as I'm sure you have already assumed) the heat will be back on as soon as Thursday, July 7th, when the mercury is projected to hit the triple-digit mark once again.

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