Do you believe in ghosts? Let me say I am a huge skeptic. BUT, I have seen evidence of weird things going on at several local places. I have been to many of the "most haunted places in Shreveport Bossier."

What Kinds of Things Happen with Ghosts?

I felt a drastic temperature change at an old cemetery in Greenwood. I saw a rocking chair start rocking all by itself in a home in the Highland neighborhood. I watched some bizarre things happen inside a home near Byrd High School. My experiences are extensive. We did radio bits at many of the local hot spots.

Did I ever actually see a ghost? No. But I did feel the presence of something strange several times.

The folks at Louisiana Spirits investigate ghosts all the time and during a private investigation at a south Louisiana home, they have come up with some evidence that is pretty spooky.

The motion camera in the living room of the home caught what clearly looks to be a person strolling around.

Louisiana Spirits is one of the oldest and most professional paranormal investigation groups in the state. They have chapters across Louisiana, including a chapter in  Shreveport Bossier.

They help private clients and public businesses.

Often the investigators will catch sounds that are very suspicious and that happened in this home the investigators were checking out.

Most Haunted Locations in Shreveport-Bossier

Have you ever checked out these haunted places in the local area?

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