There was a time when not every person carried a phone on their person. In those times we were programmed as decent human beings to call our parents, spouses, and friends when we were traveling to let them know we had arrived safely. You'd think that same courtesy would still be extended today with the convenience of the modern wireless phone.

If you have teenagers or absent minded husbands then you know that you don't always get that reassuring call of safety and security. It can drive a parent or a spouse up the wall. If that's an issue  in your world then relax for just a $1.99 your problems are solved.

There is an app called Ignore No More. It's available in Google Play and the iPhone App store. This app basically renders a wireless phone useless until the user of the phone has called the App's administrator, read that as Mom, back.

The app was the brainchild of a Texas woman named Sharon Standifird. She grew tired of her children not checking in with her and she did something about it.

The Ignore No More app not only shuts down all phone calls except 911 but it also locks up games, text, and other apps until the phones user has obtained the unlock code from the "mother ship" .

There is also a newer version of the app that allows you to track the location of the phone in question. So if parents or spouses are concerned about the whereabouts of family members they can have that information at the touch of a button.

It's a shame when trust has to be delegated electronically but if we all became a little more trustworthy we probably wouldn't need this kind of electronic babysitter would we?

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