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Man, Shreveport/Bossier City is packed!  Just like during major hurricanes of the past that require mass evacuations from the coast, our neck of the woods is a pretty prime spot for folks looking to lay low from the wrath mother nature loves to throw Louisiana's way.  That being said: Ida was not an ordinary hurricane.

So far (fingers crossed) the number of fatalities is relatively low.  According to the Washington Post, 4 total deaths (2 in Mississippi and 2 in Louisiana) can be directly attributed to the storm.  The damage to property and infrastructure is a different story altogether.

With power out to more than a million homes and businesses in the New Orleans area alone and close to 441,000 people have no running water -  hospitals, traffic & street lights, 911 call centers and so many other extremely vital things are basically non-existent right now.  Because of that alarming fact, Governor John Bel Edwards is asking residents who fled the storm not to come home - indefinitely.

According to the report from the Guardian, our governor had more instructions for Louisiana's evacuees.  During his Tuesday press conference, Edwards had this message for residents: not return here or elsewhere in south-east Louisiana until the office of emergency preparedness tells you it’s ready to receive you.

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