SHREVEPORT, LA - The Southern University Gentlemen’s Cooking Classic is back and it did not disappoint. This is one of the premier foodie events in Shreveport and I was honored to be one of the judges for this culinary extravaganza. I really don’t know where to begin to tell you about all the amazing food served up at this event.

We have not had this event since the pandemic, so it was great to see it back. One of the fun things about this food event is the smack talk among the competitors. You will see local leaders dishing up great food for a great cause. All of the funds raised from this event goes to Southern University at Shreveport, LA scholarships for young people.

Guests buy a ticket and get to try all of the food items from the wide variety of entrees and sides to appetizers and desserts. The contenders also decorated their booth to match the theme for their food.

Who Won the Bragging Rights This Year?

Best Entrée

1. Convention Center Swamp Gumbo
2. Commissioner Steven Jackson and Soul Sushi with brisket
3. Henry Whitehorn with brisket
4. Smoking Oysters with etouffee over catfish

Best Appetizer

1. Tom Arceneaux with Shrimp and Grits
2. Suj Louisiana
3. Cajun Cracker

Best Sides

1. Stormy Watts
2. L. Davis
3. Toya Milton

Best Desserts

1. Buji Bakery
2. Susan Flowers
3. Papa Frank Ice

Best Booth

1. Convention Center
2. Farmer’s Seafood
3. Shreveport Bossier Tourism Bureau

Best Kids Chef

1. Derrick Kinchen Jr
2. Michael Hicks

It was so great to have this event back and it's even better to see all the local leaders come together to support such a great cause.

Gentleman's Cooking Classic 2023

See All the Great Food at this Year's Event

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