Last night on GAC’s Backstory: Gary Allan we learned a lot about the singer and his newest single “Pieces.”  According to the singer, “Pieces” is a positive way to look at past relationships and perhaps a very constructive way to reflect on who you may be as a person.

“It’s what you’ve been through that makes you, and to me, that’s what ‘Pieces’ is,” says Gary.  “I always believe that no matter who you meet, you take something from that person. You meet them for a reason, especially anybody that’s in your life for any length of time. Whether it’s a positive or a negative, you always end up taking something from that person.”

Allan co-wrote the song with Sarah Buxton and Odie Blackmon, which was the first time the three of them had written together and also marks the first time he’d written with a woman.

Allan says the person he is today is made up of “pieces” of other people in his life. This song is pieces of everything I’ve been through. It’s pieces of everyone I’ve met.”

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