This time of year parents are looking for amazing Christmas experiences to take their kids to without breaking the bank. One of my favorite things to do is go look at Christmas lights and the drive through parks with thousands of lights are usually the best for that. Not many people realize there's a Mini Santa Land just a short drive away that's free for all to enjoy!

Carmela's Mini Santa Land is located in Longview, Texas and it's 100% FREE for everyone to enjoy! They do ask for donations so they can keep spreading joy to all their visitors however the donation isn't required to get in. While I haven't been to see the lights we've been told the line to get in is much shorter than other similar locations. This is Mini Santa Land's 3rd year their current location off 6085 N Hwy 259 Longview.

If you know of any other hidden gems in our area like this please reach out to us via Facebook and let us know!

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