This past Friday, I was headed to New Orleans to watch the Haughton Buccaneers (GO BUCS) football team play against Destrehan in the Louisiana State Semi-Finals (we lost) and as I went through Baton Rouge, I was tickled to hear a familiar voice on the radio.

On the station, Classic Hits 103.3 in Baton Rouge, there was my buddy Scott Innes!  If you are a Scooby Doo fan, you might recognize the name.  He's actually done the voice of Scooby and Shaggy for several different features, and he's amazing at it!  In fact, while I listened he promoted an event in the very near future where they would broadcast live and they'd have the "Mystery Machine" with them.  Good stuff.  Okay, so I digress.

While Scott was mentioning the greatness of Christmas and giving, he played a song I had never heard before.  It was called, "Santa's All Purple and Gold" and my wife and I just roared.  It was Christmas in Louisiana and an LSU football game all rolled into one!

I immediately messaged Scott to see who recorded the song and if we could play it up here in Yankee-land.  (North Louisiana)  He told me that he and his cast of cartoons had recorded it and that I certainly had permission to play it.

We've played it a couple times during the Gary & Bristol morning show on Kiss Country and have gotten tons of phone calls and messages about it, so I promised to put the link here on our website where you can get a FREE download from Scott's website.

So if you'd like to listen or want a free download, just go HERE to and enjoy!


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