When the song Female came out I was stunned. What a beautiful song celebrating women everywhere. Of Course Keith Urban is surrounded by females at home so naturally "Female" is perfect for him to sing. Remember the "Me too" movement that was taking over the internet after all the Harvey Weinstein sexual misconduct accusations came to light? need to refresh your memory? Click here. 3 of Nashville's most popular songwriters sat down to write "Female" after all these horrid accusations started coming to light. Job well done Shane McAnally, Ross Copperman, and Nicolle Galyon!

If you're wondering who the female is singing in the background with Keith Urban, it's his wife Nicole Kidman. She jumped in and dominated those vocals! When I hear this song I think of my mom which makes me love "Female" even more.

"Sister, shoulder, Daughter, lover, Healer, broken halo, Mother nature, Fire, suit of armor, Soul survivor, Holy Water, Secret keeper, fortune teller, Virgin Mary, scarlet letter, Technicolor river wild, Baby girl, women shine, Female"

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