She gazed into some (crystal) balls.

In a story that will make you shake your head, a court in Japan has ordered a fortune teller to pay roughly $800,000 to a woman she conned into becoming a lady of the night.

According to the BBC, "The victim was reportedly made to believe that she was in debt to the clairvoyant and could repay that debt only by becoming a sex worker."

The psychic-slash-pimp -- did she wear a long velour coat? Did she have a long feather sticking out of her headpiece? -- would pocket the lion's share of the money brought in by her victim, who was reduced to scraping by on as little as a dollar a day. The "business" relationship lasted from 2011 until 2013.

The woman had initially visited the fortune teller back in 2008 when she was dealing with some personal issues, including a divorce. Eventually, the psychic fooled her into thinking she owed beaucoup bucks and needed to get into the street walking industry to pay her tab, leading to the sucker woman giving up most of her money. Geez, whatever happened to playing the lottery? Or becoming a Walmart greeter? Or selling cosmetics in some pyramid scheme? All are ways to make money without the chance of catching an STD.

It's a pretty awful story, but we have to ask the most elemental question: didn't the psychic see this coming?

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