Scott Smith, former Superintendent of Bossier Parish Schools, faces federal drug charges. The US Attorneys Office has charged Smith with four misdemeanor counts of simple possession of a controlled substance. According to reports, Smith allegedly illegally obtained the sleep and anxiety medications to deal with work related stress.

The charges against Smith state that he was found in possession of Valium, Ambien, Soma, and Lyrica. Smith was not arrested at any point during the investigation and stepped down from his post back in February. Smith's attorney, Paul Carmouche, says his client has accepted responsibility and cooperated with authorities. Carmouche says that Smith ordered the drugs for personal consumption and were to help deal with mounting pressures at work.

Smith is expected to appear in court today. Many close to the case believe that he will plead guilty to the charges against him. If that happens, Smith faces as much as 6 months in prison or as little as probation and a fine.

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