One of the worst feelings is knowing you have to cook for a hungry crew and your pocket book is paying for it all. My family has pot luck season AKA Football Season. Every household has to bring a dish to share before we all sit and yell at the TV for a few hours. If you have yet to set up a pot luck system with your group of friends, and are wincing at the thought of having to feed a large crew on a tight budget, here's a way to feed a crew of 8-10 for under $30. Yeah, you can pass out seconds.

Quesadillas don't make you slave over a stove-top for hours, at least night the way I make them. Make some Down Home Quesadillas next time the crew is invading your house for the big game. You'll need:

    • Down Home Sausage (Hot)
    • Red Bell Pepper
    • Zucchini
    • Shredded Cheese
    • Flour Tortillas (burrito sized)

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